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"Feeding your animals clean greens"

FodderFeed.Org is an online business that is at the forefront of making available the most innovative fodder feed systems and products for the high quality production of animal and livestock feed. Fodder can be made from barley, red wheat, sunflowers, oats, lupine and mung beans, fenugreek, corn, peas, pinto beans, navy beans,  etc.

Whether you are a horse trainer, farmer, or just a livestock owner, you are probably looking to find economical, sustainable alternatives to traditional feeds that provide superior performance and nutrition. We can put all that science has to offer into your hand so that you can effectively grow and produce the right feed. Whether you need to fatten up that beef cow, or put lean muscle mass on that horse. FodderFeed.org has the right fodder feed solutions and the right products for you and your livestock.

The science shows that there is great nutritional benefit provided by hydroponic sprouted grain and it is suitable for all livestock including, sheep, cattle, horses, goats, lamas chickens, and provides animals with improved growth and overall health.

Our hydroponics fodder feed systems are producing high quality ,economical animal feed particularly suited to every environment, but especially those environments that experience drought, land shortages, short growing seasons and climate difficulties. A fodder feed system will give you, year round, super nutritious feed for your animals at a great unbeatable price.

We offer the right size system to meet your needs at the right price. You should’t have to pay for a system that produces more feed than you need.
  • Our 6 Tray system produces up to 9-12+  pounds of fodder to feed a couple Animals, or we can set you up with a
  • 12 Tray system that produces up to 18-24+ pounds of Fresh Fodder.
  • The 18 tray produces up to 27-34+.
  • The 24 Tray produce 36-48+
  • The BIG 6 Tray System produces 40-50+ pounds of fresh fodder a day.
  • The BIG 12 Tray System produces 80-100+ pounds of fresh fodder a day.
  • The BIG 18 Tray System produces 120-150+ pounds of fresh fodder a day
  • Weights can vary depending on the germination of your grain so try grians in small amounts until you have one that sprouts well.

.Check out the new sprouter for small house pets like rabbits, birds, gerbils, hamsters

Our Systems Grow More Than Just Barley!
Heres just a few!
Ducks love Fodder!

Ducks Love Fodder!

Pinto Beans
Pinto Beans
The Fodder Feed Egg....see the difference!
Gluten Free sensitive diets benefit from raising their animals on a corn, sunflowers, radish, or pea sprout regimen!
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