Fodder Info

What grain is best for Fodder?
Any grain and many other types of seeds work well for fodder. Barley, wheat, and oats are the most common.  Also, corn, peas, and sunflower.

What kinds of animals will eat Fodder?
Anything that can eat hay or grain will do well on fodder. This includes:
rabbits, poultry, pigs, goats, sheep, cows, llamas, alpacas, and equines. Fodder is also being introduced to zoo animals.

How many animals can a Fodder Kit feed?
Each tray takes about 2 pounds of grain which, depending on the sprout
rate, should give you up to 9-12 pounds of Fodder daily. The 6-tray kit will
feed one horse, one dry cow, 10 goats, 25 chicken or 25 rabbits. The
12-tray kit produces up to 18-24+ pounds of fodder daily.

How much Fodder should I feed?
The recommended feeding rate of Fodder is 1 lb to 100lb bodyweight. This
should be increased to 2 lb for 100 lb bodyweight for rapidly growing,
pregnant, or heavily lactating animals. The quantity of feed can be adjusted up/down as every animal is different.

Will Fodder replace hay in my feeding program?
No, animals such as sheep, goats, llamas,
and cattle will need some sort of hay/straw. However  they will eat considerably less of it.

Can I grow Fodder outside?
Grains sprout best at temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees.

Introduce Fodder slowly until the animals take to it.
Changing a diet slowly is recommended.

Fodder  Light?
Any lighting will grow fodder, window, fluorescent etc.

Is Fodder a lot of work?
Compared to the cost savings filling the trays, washing them, and maintaining the water is well worth it.

The 6, 12, and 18 Tray systems come with pump, hydroponics cycling system, timer, trays, frame and everything except for the seed and 20 gallon tote.

Fodder Feed & Hydroponics 
"Feeding your animals clean greens"

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